How do I set up my Rocketboost Wireless Headphones?

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How do I set up my Rocketboost Wireless Headphones?


Have you tried using your Quick Setup Guide or User Guide to help you through this process? If more help is needed follow the steps below:

  1. Install supplied headphone rechargeable AA batteries: With the earpiece cushion facing you, unlock and remove the cushions by slightly rotating the left cushion clockwise and the right cushion counterclockwise, then pulling them away from the headphones.
  2. Insert one AA rechargeable battery into each battery compartment.
  3. Make sure to align the ( + ) and ( - ) symbols on the batteries with the symbols in the battery compartments.
  4. Put the left and right cushions back into place. NOTE: Before using the wireless headphones for the first time, make sure the batteries are fully charged for at least 16 hours. This will provide a longer operating lifetime for the batteries.
  5. Connect the docking station to your audio source (i.e., A/V receiver, MP3 player, etc.): Using the supplied RCA audio cable, connect the audio output jacks of your audio source to the AUX INPUT jacks of the docking station.
  6. Match white to white and red to red. NOTE: If your audio source only has a 3.5mm phones or line out jack, use the supplied 3.5mm-to-RCA adapter cable.
  7. Connect the AC adapter to the docking station: Connect the AC adapter connector to the docking stations DC IN jack.
  8. Connect the AC adapter plug to an AC power outlet. The STANDBY indicator lights red steadily when the docking station is set to disable hub status and blinks red slowly when the docking station is set to enable hub status.
  9. Turn on your system: Slide the POWER switch on the left earpiece of headphones to ON. The power indicator lights steadily blue.
  10. If this is your only Rocketboost wireless product, slide the HUB switch on the docking station to ENABLE.
  11. Press the POWER button on the docking station. The power indicator lights steadily green. NOTE: The headphones and docking station were paired at the factory. When an active link is established between them or with another Rocketboost device, the power indicator on the headphones and docking station both light steadily.
  12. If the power indicators on the headphones and docking station continue to blink after 30 seconds, they are no longer connected to each other and need to be paired up once more.