How do I set up my keyboard capsule?

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How do I set up my keyboard capsule?


A how-to video on setting up your keyboard capsule can be found on the Rocketfish Ready YouTube channel. This document contains instructions for setting up both RF-ICAP14 and RF-ICAP23


  1. Charge the battery by connecting your keyboard capsule to a computer or the power adapter using the provided USB cable. NOTE: The internal battery is only partially charged and should be fully charged before using the keyboard capsule.
  2. Unplug the USB cable from the keyboard capsule once the battery is charged. Insert a finger into the gap, then lift to open the top panel.
  3. For typing mode, align and place the panel in the gap. For stand mode, align the panel with the front edge of the keyboard.
  4. Place the bottom edge of the iPad 2 into the bottom of the frame, push up on the latch, then move the top edge of the iPad 2 into the frame.
  5. Release the latch to lock the iPad 2 in place.
  6. For the RF-ICAP23, to change out of typing mode, push the release button and pull the top panel forward towards the keyboard.