What is a Rocketboost network?

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What is a Rocketboost network?


Rocketboost is expandable wireless digital audio. Rocketboost products form an audio network, and each Rockteboost receiver can select the audio from any Rocketboost sender in the network. Rocketboost products include "SENDERS", which send or transmit audio streams, and "RECEIVERS", which receive the audio. This lets you listen to music from your sender in other rooms using your receiver. NOTE: For this product, the "SENDER" is built into the docking station, and the "RECEIVER" is the headphone.


Every Rocketboost network must contain one hub device, which helps devices pair the network. The network can have only one hub, which you can enable using the hub switch on the back of all Rocketboost senders and sender/receivers. If this is your first Rocketboost product, you should make the docking station sender device the hub, if you already have Rocketboost products, you should disable hub mode on the docking station. IMPORTANT: Hub devices must always have power for your network to operate. The hub device can be in standby (power saving) mode, but must stay plugged in.