Why won't the bluetooth pairing work?

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Why won't the bluetooth pairing work?


If you are experiencing issues with Bluetooth pairing please try the following steps:


  1. Ensure that Bluetooth has been enabled on the source device (phone/computer/tablet).
  2. Ensure that both devices have been placed into pairing mode, on most Rocketfish devices there will be a an LED that blinks very rapidly (sometimes alternating colors) once in pairing mode. For help with getting a source device into pairing mode, refer to your device manufacturer.
  3. Once the source device has detected your Rocketfish device, select it and if asked for a PIN try using 0000 or 9999 as these are the default codes.
  4. Verify that the two devices you are trying to pair support the same Bluetooth profiles as this is required for operation. Not all Bluetooth devices are compatible. For a complete list of supported profiles on your Rocketfish device, refer to your manual which can be found on the product page for your device.