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RF-MAB2 trouble connecting to PC

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OK. I'm sure you've heard this one before, but I am finding it impossible to join my RF-MAB2 headset and my Lenovo X200 (Windows 7) computer.

First off, the RF-MAB2 headphones are a really great product for their price. :3


I've done a bit of research, and I tried this and got this result. Everything else I found assumed you could connect the device to the computer. When I try to use windows update to install drivers, I get this.


This might help.


Computer Information:

Bluetooth Problem Devices: shows how many times I tried.


All the hyperlinks called this... sorry Smiley Tongue


Thanks for your help on this! I can't wait to try something new.

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Re: RF-MAB2 trouble connecting to PC

Hello brendan10211,


I would suggest that you first update the Bluetooth driver for your laptop. You should be able to navigate to the correct driver from this link. Once you have updated the driver, try pairing the headset again and let me know if it has resolved your issue. I would also like to thank you for the screenshots (got to love imgur), as it makes it easier on me to help with troubleshooting when I can see what errors you are getting.


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Re: RF-MAB2 trouble connecting to PC

Hi Zac, 


Thank you for the link. I was able to find my model information and install the correct drivers. After doing that, windows update finally was able to find all the correct drivers for the headset, and it works! Smiley Very Happy The audio quality is as good as the iPod, so no problems there. Thanks for your help!