by Rocketfish Support Rocketfish Support on ‎06-17-2011 09:36 AM

Have you ever looked at your photos and thought, ugh, I have so many blurry pictures?  A simple fix may be to purchase a tripod for additional balance.  Whether you’re a professional photographer, someone that just likes taking the occasional scenic picture or family photo, or better yet, a parent looking for something to get for your son/daughter’s graduation gift, you might want to consider the RF-TRP65C, the Rocketfish™ 65” Carbon Fiber Tripod.


This versatile product is compatible with most digital cameras and camcorders.  Perfect for those upcoming graduation pictures, this item features a quick-release mounting plate for easy attachment and you guessed it-carbon fiber design for sturdy camera support.  Rubber feet with retractable stainless-steel spikes give you flexibility on uneven ground and adjustable legs rotate more than 90 degrees.  Fully extended, this tripod reaches an astounding 65 inches and retracts down to 28.7 inches. 


Not only is this tripod heavy duty in design, but it’s also very light-weighing in at just under 6 pounds.  If you have any issues with this item within the 1st year, don’t worry, because it comes with a standard one-year factory warranty. 


Click away! *Camera/Camcorder Not Included*