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Centering Wireless Racing Wheel

I have used the (discontinued) wireless racing wheel with Gran Turismo 5 Prologue many times successfully.  I recently moved, and after putting my AV setup back together, I tried it out again.  


Note:  GT5 Prologue downloaded some kind of update when I first started it.


All the buttons on the wheel work great, but the wheel is not centered.  At first it was centered a bit to the left, but you could still turn right to some extent.  Now it is completely turned to the right, and no matter have far I turn the wheel to the left, I can not do anything but spin around in circles to the right.


Any idea how to get the wheel centered?  I have tried resetting it with no luck



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Re: Centering Wireless Racing Wheel

Hello clebespeph,

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I would recommend taking the product, along with your purchase receipt, into your local store. This item has a 1yr manufacturer's coverage. 

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