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Having trouble with my RF-GUV1202 Headset

I having issues with this headset turning off/on while gaming on my PC. Also started up while just listening to music not ingame. The wireless receiver is the problem not the tranmitter. I put new AAA batteries on the receiver and the following day ingame it starts up to turn off/on. Really not sure what the problem is with the receiver or something I have to enable/disable in the Control Panel. Hope someone could help me with this issue to resolve it I really dig this headset. Thank You.

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Re: Having trouble with my RF-GUV1202 Headset

Hello brewMackBBQ,

My suggestion would be to completely uninstall the RF-GUV1202 from the computer, remove all the batteries, unplug all the connections, and remove the computer drivers for it.  Once it has been completely removed and disconnected you should reboot the computer and install it fresh as if for the first time making sure every connection is in the right place and secure.


If after reinstalling the headset it is still turning itself off it is likely a component starting to fail.  I would recommend returning with your RF-GUV1202 and a copy of your receipt to your place of purchase in order to pursue the possibility of warranty repair or replacement.

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