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Headset for PS4 and accessories question

Glad to see you've added Playstation 4 accessories! Just wondering if you will be adding a more premium stereo headset in the near future. I realize you are releasing a basic chat type mic, but I'm wondering about a more premium headset with double ear covers. I will need something for COD Ghosts and hearing enemy means more wins.


As an aside, I'm definitely buying the ps4 carry bag. Hope to see more from you guys soon! Cheers!

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Re: Headset for PS4 and accessories question

Hello MrDouglas, 
Welcome to Community@ Rocketfish™! Are you speaking about the RF-CH101 Chat headset for the Playstation 4? Thank you very much for your feedback and interest in future Rocketfish gaming products. At this time, I do not have any information to provide about upcoming products, so I would invite you to check in from time to time either on,, or in one of our Best Buy stores for product availability. 
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