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Rocketfish™ - HDMI Swivel Adapter

hello ,


I have a question about Rocketfish™ - HDMI Swivel Adapter Model: RF-G1170.  I am using it by having it permanently connected to the hdmi output port on my PS4 ( i mean permanent by always leaving always connected).  I have it there because I do not want to wear out the ps4 hdmi contacts on the ps4 hdmi output port.  I move the ps4 around alot and I disconnect the hdmi cord alot. 


So my question is ... does having this swivel adapter connected to the ps4 cause the ps4 to work harder by sending the signal out thru it.  Or is the hdmi signal coming out of the ps4 always the same regardless of what is connected to it ? Example: longer hdmi cable , or extended hdmi cable , or hdmi swivel as in this case ....  i just want to make sure this adapter doesnt cause the ps4 to work which will decrease the life of the ps4 ...



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Re: Rocketfish™ - HDMI Swivel Adapter

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The PS4 is always sending out the same HDMI signal.  It doesn't matter what's connected to it, but it is always sending out the same signal.

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