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scratched Gaming Mouse Pad

I purchased a Rocketfish Gaming Mouse Pad (RF-GMSEPD) in July, 2013. Loved it from the start. Lately, however, I have noticed that it seems to catch as if hitting a piece of sand. Less smooth than at first. I looked carefully at the surface and noticed some barely visible scratch marks. It looks more like a pencil mark than a real scratch but it seems to impede the movement of the mouse. The surface is perfectly clean and always kept that way and the scratch marks appear to be from right to left obviously from mouse movement and they cover a surface of about 4" wide by 2" high in the center of the pad. The marks are really superficial, not at all deep,  and seem to be caused just by normal wear and not by any particular problem such as a foreign substance on the pad or on the mouse. Is there a way to eliminate these marks by light buffing? If so, what is the best method to use so as to not cause further damage to the surface? (BTW, I am using the smoother surface of the pad.)


Any suggestions?

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Re: scratched Gaming Mouse Pad

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Before you try any maintenance on your own, take it back to the store to have them look at it as a possible warranty replacement.

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