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About My Rocketfish 4-Port HDMI Selector?

I Have a Rocketfish  4-Port HDMI Selector at Home 




Hello My Name is Byron & i have your  Rocketfish 4 Port HDMI Selector here at home & i had it for almost 2 years but 1 HDMI Port in the Back blew out on me & I Wanted to know how long will this  Rocketfish HDMI 4 Port Selector last on me?  will they all blow out on me at some point? good thing i'm only using 2 ports so i just had to ask to see whats going on? from your Costumer Byron. Smiley Happy 

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Re: About My Rocketfish 4-Port HDMI Selector?

Hello Byron,

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Are you still within the 1 year warranty? How long have you had this item? If you're still within warranty coverage, I would recommend taking it, along with your purchase receipt, back to the place of purchase to seek the possibility of warranty replacement. Otherwise, you can call our Product Support Line at 1-800-620-2790 for further assistance. 

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