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BTR212 connectivity issues with iPAD2 bluetooth

I just recently purchased the BTR212 to stream music from my ipad2 to my home theater system via bluetooth. It works fine when the ipad is very close to the BTR212 but the bluetooth connection fades/cuts in/out when I move the iPAD more than 3-4 feet away.

I have previsouly paired a samsung s3 with BTR212 and that worked fine even at 10-20 feet. Is it something to do with the bluetooth implementation in iPAD2 and the way BTR212 implements it?


Thanks in advance for any help on this.



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Re: BTR212 connectivity issues with iPAD2 Bluetooth

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It shouldn't have anything to do with how Bluetooth is implemented on the devices.  The first place I would suggest you start is to make sure the RF-BTR212 has as clear a window to where you are using the iPad as possible.  Make sure the RF-BTR212 isn't behind any other electronics or buried inside an entertainment center.  With the Samsung S3 working fine at range I would tend to believe it is a problem with the Bluetooth radio built-in to the iPad.  If the previous steps don't fix the issue I would recommend contacting Apple support for any know issues with the Bluetooth radio.

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