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i bought my brother a pair of 2.4 GHz Didital Wireless stereo headphones.  We have checked and double checked the instructions, verified that the batteries are charged....but...can't get them to pair.  Please don't tell me to turn the base off and try again...we've done that already.  Anything else we could try...pretty frustrated right now that the $100 i spent didn't get me something that works!

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I will need the model number of the headsets to be more specific, but there are some general things to check.  Make sure the that the issue isn't with interference.  Many times a router or a cordless phone may be operating on the same channel and not allowing the devices to pair.  To see if that is the issue unplug the router and cordless phone and try to get one of the headsets working.  If the headset works then the router and phone will need to be set to a different channel.  Also make sure that the headsets are fully charged (atleast 4 hours) before the first time it is used.


What color and state are the lights on the headset and docking station?

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