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How to secure TV wall mount with stud in center?

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I'm getting a Sony KDL55HX750 in a week and have been looking to get the RF-TVMLPT03 wall mount.


After doing some rough measurements on my wall, it appears I have a stud nearly dead center where I want the TV to be.  The studs in the wall are 16" apart.  Since there are no center holes on this mount, how can I secure it to the wall?  The TV has a VESA 300x300 mount, so it doesn't require the full width of the wall plate.  Can I simply secure the wall plate off-center and slide the TV to compensate?


Should I be looking for another wall mount which has holes for a center stud and is long enough to reach the studs on either side?


Any assistance here would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: How to secure TV wall mount with stud in center?

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