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RF-G1182 Splitter doesn't work with AppleTV

I have Directv and AppleTV connected to my Yamaha RX-Z11 stereo via HDMI. HDMI Out1 on the Yamaha goes to the splitter. The two splitter outputs go to two separate TVs. One is an LG LED. The other is a Panasonic plasma.


I get video on both TVs when I use the Directv, but no video on either one when I use Appletv. I still get the sound on the appletv. I disconnected the splitter and now everything works. Why doesn't it work with AppleTV?

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Re: RF-G1182 Splitter doesn't work with AppleTV

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What sort of content are you attempting to play via the Apple TV? It is very likely that the content you are playing is being protected via DRM (Digital Rights Management), which as one of it's features will only allow a signal to be played on a single display. You are still getting sound, as the receiver is pulling that off prior to sending the signal out to the splitter.


To test this we can try connecting everything but only use one TV, if this resolves the issue then the it is most assuredly DRM, if not then the most probable issue is that your splitter is malfunctioning. If the latter is true I would recommend returning to your place of purchase with the device and a copy of your receipt in order to pursue the possibility of warranty repair/replacement.

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