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RF HDMI Splitter G1182 - inconsistent picture

Purchased the G1182 splitter last week, worked perfect on day 1, day 2, etc.  Last night when I turned on TV-2 the picture went red and then froze.  This happened 3 out of 5 times, 2 times the picture was fine so I'm stumped anbd do not think the splitter is bad.



Out-1 = Vizio 1080I (TV-1 - our main TV)

Out-2 = Vizio 1080i (TV-2 - in our patio)

Input = Dish Network VIP211Z

Cables are Mediabridge Premium 4K/1080i and have been in use for over a year w/o any issue.



TV-1 is on and watch programs fine

Turn on TV-2

Screen on both go back, picture comes back, then black again, now red and then completely freezes

Only method I found to restore the picture is to cold booth the Dish receiver.



Verified both TV's are set for 1080i

Checked all cable comnnections, all are tight and solidly pushed completely in.

No breaks or tight bends in cables

Spitter has power

Removed splitter and used HDMI coupler to test connections to each TV, no issues, picture is fine on both



Any suggestions would be greatly appreciate as I really want tyhis setup to work vs. paying Dish an arm and leg for another receiver just to use couple times per week in the patio.




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Re: RF HDMI Splitter G1182 - inconsistent picture

one more item, on both Vizio TV's I confirmed CEC is Disabled , on Dish receiver I do not see CEC in any of the menus.