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RF-RBWS02 - can't get receiver/speaker to pair

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I have a used unit that I'm trying to pair, but I can't figure it out so far.  Both power on fine, but the sender blinks slow green (in HUB enabled mode) when trying to pair after the ~30 seconds of trying while the speaker displays a solid blue light.  I have my phone plugged into the sender IN to try music, and the source lights up blue on the sender fine, but it just isn't pairing to the speaker.  If I hold the speaker power down to try to get it to pair/blink like I do the sender, nothing happens - it just stays solid blue.


Any suggestions?

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Re: RF-RBWS02 - can't get receiver/speaker to pair

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Based on your description it would appear that the speaker is not functioning correctly.  Since the speaker isn't paired to anything it should be blinking slowly blue instead of  being solid.  You should be able to simply hold the power button down on the speaker for ~3 seconds to put it into pairing mode.  You can try to reset the speaker by making sure you remove the batteries and leaving it unplugged for a full 30 seconds.  If after reseting the speaker, it will still not go into pairing mode it will need to be serviced.

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