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Disassemble RF-MAB2

I have a set of RF-MAB2 headphones that got shut in a car door.

The left earpiece is slightly cracked, and I can hear a piece of something rattleing around inside.

The headphones no longer work.


How can I disassemble the left earpiece so I can see what is broken  and try to get it back together?






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Re: Disassemble RF-MAB2

Hi Doug, 


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We don't provide instructions for disassembly and unfortunately, physical damage is not covered under the 1 year manufacturer's warranty. 

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Re: Disassemble RF-MAB2

Wow Justin, GREAT advice. NOT.


Doug, the triangular shaped earphone pad is wrapped around a plastic bezel that you twist to remove. There is an arrow under the cushion pointing clockwise. That arrow indicates the direction to TIGHTEN the bezel. Twist counter clockwise to remove. Beneath the bezel are some phillips screws. Be sure you have a replacement earpad available before you try this, because you will likely ruin the one that is on there now.



Good luck.