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RF-G1171, Samsung Galaxy S3 question

From what I can tell, it looks like the 5 to 11 pin adapter should be used with this combo. The adapter seems to be a loose fit into the phone. In the S3 settings when I turn screen mirroring on, eventually the phone says "no devices found". The TV says "no signal" and I have selected the correct HDMI input on the TV which works fine with a laptop connected to it instead of the phone.


Can anyone please verify that the adapted should be used? Can't get the RF-G1171 working with or without it.


Also, is there anything else required to be set in the S3 besides screen mirroring to play video on the 1080p TV from the phone? Thanks.



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Re: RF-G1171, Samsung Galaxy S3 question

Hello there reeagle,


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It is not necessary to use the included adapter to connect your Samsung mobile phone, as it counts with a micro USB v2.0 (Slim port) same as the cable being used without the adapter. You need to as well verify MHL settings in your TV set, it is really important to double check this settings as MHL is the type of technology being used to establish this connection. MHL stands for mobile high definition link, please ensure the feature is enable from the TV settings prior to using the cable.


Please let me know how it goes.





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