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Bluetooth question

I have an LG Fluid AN160 flip phone(not a smart phone although it does have web access but I don't use it) . It is bluetooth capable and I've used it with a couple of GPS devices and did pair up with a PC belonging to a friend. I have a PC running Win 7 Home Premium. I recently purchased the Micro Bluetooth Adapter (RF-MRBTAD) and installed it on my PC. Phone paired up OK. I have transferred a couple of pictures from the phone to the PC sucessfully. I would like to backup the contacts on the phone but when I try to send one or more contacts to the PC I get the message "select a bluetooth device that supports this feature".


I'm guessing that maybe an option that I can't find is not set or that RF-MRBTAD doesn't support this. I'll readily admit I'm not bluetooth expert.


Any advice or suggestiions??

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Re: Bluetooth question

Hello Edy,

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Sadly I won't be able to be of much help in this case.  The RF-MRBTAD is not the issue in this instance.  Since everything is connected and you are able to transfer files, we know the RF-MRBTAD is working.  What it sounds like is that the computer does not an inherent method to read the contacts.  The computer doesn't know what to do with it.  That's why you're getting this error when you try to transfer your contacts.

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