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Model: RF-BPRACDC2 (AC DC Universal Laptop Power Adaptor)

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Just some feedback on this product. 


 I've had this product for less than 2 months.  Within two-three weeks of buying the product, the cable sheething had already pulled out of the tip, exposing the uninsulated wires.  Yesterday, the blue indicator light stopped working all together, and the unit is nonresponsive all together (doesn't charge ac or dc)


Plus, the unit is heavy, in retrospect not something a mobile user would want to carry around!!!


I don't have packaging or receipts anymore, otherwise I would simply return, but I did want to provide details to anyone thinking of buying this product the questionable build quality of this product.  If the unit I received is any indication of the average product quality of these universal chargers, you'd be better off pocketing your $99 dollars, and saving up for a new laptop rather than buy this thing!


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Re: Model: RF-BPRACDC2 (AC DC Universal Laptop Power Adaptor)

Same thing just happened to me. I bought this unit in November 2012, little did I know not only is Future shop selling an unreliable product but also discontinued ones.....


I almost feel scammed.


Although I have emailed Rocketfish Customer Service so we'll see how they respond considering I haven't had this little guy for even a year yet!


I'll update.